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With orders above$500 we do offer free shipment and secured delivery service to your desired drop point. Door to Door services for a little stipend to our delivery guy.


We also provide a tracking number and details at all times for our products dispatched for our clients to be updated about the present condition of their package.


Customer satisfaction and experience when they buy marijuana online discreet shipping is very important. our support team is available 24/7 on WhatsApp and LiveChat.

Dispensaries in USA, Australia and Europe

We now have pot bases from where we ship recreational marijuana in the USA, Australia and Europe. Can you buy weed online? Yes, you can buy latest marijuana online legally and have it shipped as we deliver locally. If you are looking to buy legal weed online, then buy synthetic weed from our online store at Trippie High Bud Shop.

All that you need, you can buy online are OG Kush, legal buds are included in our online weed store. We have weed for sale online, along with more products. We have Cannabis oil, THC oil, Marijuana clones and Marijuana for online sale. Our company takes all the legal steps so you can buy legal weed online.

Please take your time discovering our company website and all of the services that we provide. Our great selection of high-quality cannabis products of different strains and textures are included in our best online dispensary supply. Thus, we make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Offers

• Marijuana strains – Find a wide assortment of Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains each designed for certain ailments. Every medical cannabis strain offered for sale at Harborside undergoes rigorous quality testing.

• Cannabis Oil – Our top grade oils are both of High and Low THC and CBD, of purity 99.9%, offering the best healing Medicine of all times

Cannabis Extracts – Does your ailment require a more concentrated strain?

Concentrates from Harborside provide higher doses of THC, cannabinoids and other compounds that help you alleviate symptoms and heal.

• Marijuana Edibles – If you can’t or prefer not to ingest your medical cannabis through “smoking,” choose from a wide variety of edibles. Not only can you get the medicine your body needs to heal, you can get a tasty treat too.

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As always 100% perfection Ordered yesterday at noon Est and Purolator was at the door today at 9.30 am Est Under 24 Hours there is a $50.00 charge but there is no MOM online anywhere who can provide the service and high quality bud like Derek and the Dominos do you can order a 1/4 Oz or ten pounds and they still provide the best experience online bar none once again and for the umpteenth time Thank you Cana-wholesale for being the best and standing behind your Brand


This company is the best service i have ever received. This is my order # 6 and everything was amazing the Mercedes hash the purple train wreck all top notch and free sample every time .you guys got a full time customer thanks guys keep up the great work .


This is the only place you need to order from. Top Quality, Fair Prices, & The Most Amazing Standard For Fast Shipping. The only place I’ve ever shopped at that truly will get your order out the door THAT SAME DAY, (if your payment is sent by 11:00AM). I cannot believe the type of BS I used to tolerate with others. I’ve always said that the only downside with ordering online is the wait time, they make this process as fast as it possibly can be. Canna Wholesalers are Top Shelf & have never disappointed me yet. I only wish I would have found this website sooner!


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